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These days, all one needs to do is hop online, and they’ll find hundreds of articles offering business advice. However, not all advice is created equal. Even some of the most popular tips can be overrated, contrary to popular belief.

While those giving advice may be well-meaning, that advice is still unsolicited at the end of the day. Entrepreneurs and business owners need to understand that they are the ones that understand their venture best and make the right calls for their company. With that thought in mind, here are some of the most overrated business tips out there.

The Customer Is Always Right

If ever a business phrase needed to be tossed into the garbage, it would be ‘the customer is always right.’ Over the years, this phrase has morphed. It once was an ideal for treating customers, but now it is a line that protects customers abusing a business and its employees.

To put it simply: sometimes a business needs to fire a customer. Remember that it is physically impossible to make everyone happy, so there will be times when a customer is unhappy – and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Never Say No When Opportunity Is Knocking

In business, there’s this common misconception that all entrepreneurs have to jump at every opportunity handed to them. It stems from the fear that there might not be a second chance. 

However, one has to remember that not all opportunities are good ones, and it is okay to turn down the ones that won’t help. Furthermore, a business owner that accepts every opportunity will eventually run themselves ragged, so it is okay to say no.

Profits Over Employees

It is all too common to see a business putting its profits above the employees that keep it running. This is a lethal mistake. Without employees, a company stands no chance at success. Remember – the employees are the ones that engage with customers and support the business from the ground up.

Most people tend to picture businesses as having no sense of morality, but studies have shown that this is a destructive trait. In other words, it’s better to be ethical when running a business – and that means taking care of employees.